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Girdman Kingdom

About Historical Kingdom of Girdman

Girdman was a state of the Caucasian Albania which people is the ones of ancestors of Azerbaijan nation.

About Deer as totem

Mother deer is a head totem in the folklore of Azerbaijan

Totem of deer is a cause for arising of the beautiful monument of the nature.

Deer as totem in Azerbaijani folklore


Specific images gallery of the totems of animal and bird (totem of horned mother deer, cow, bull, snake, lion, wolf, white sunqur bird and etc.) have been created in primary world outlook of Azerbaijan. N.Y.Marr was showing on the basis of materials of the idolatry ideas that "the most ancient vehicle of Europeans has been deer and these guarded tracks and has kept tracks in their tales: hero reads witchcraft to overturn to the deer for speedy running in many cases".

In our view, motive of "to read witchcraft to overturn to the deer" is more about the profession of a hunter than totemism. Deer, as if it longs for to get rid from persons which hunt it. But deer is substituted with gazelle in episodes of “camouflaging” penetrated to the same form in Azerbaijan epic tradition. In other words, in the folklore epic tradition hero longing for to escape from the hand of evil turns to gazelle and other animals (for instance, in "Okhay’s story"), but not as in Europeans to deer. Such result goes out that it ised impossible to offend, to drive away because it was approached to deer as totem in the mythical idea. We want to say that it ised impossible to describe creative have been afraid and running away from another animals and from people which were own children. It is observed to taboo which was against the deer in all circumstances in believes, proverbs and old sayings. He undergoes to the heaviest misfortunes, who does not keep it. It turns out that we must look for a reason of overturning of the image represented as a deer in the folklore of the Europeans to gazelle when it fulfilles the same function in Azerbaijani folklore in totem of first.

Horned mother deer is an only animal in the poetical oral creative activities and believes of the people that is met with univocal attitude. Running away of the deer is equal to turning into stone of the man soul in bayaties (a kind of Azerbaijani poem created by common people). It affirms accept as basic totem of the Azerbaijan Turks of the deer with excavations in the different regions of our country within last years. Let us note that it have been found totem deer figures from three places, Shaki, Shamkhor and Aghdash.

Mother deer is head totem in the folklore of Azerbaijan and Kirghiz, from Turkish people. It is interesting that in the believes of the both people, his generation gets broken who touches to the mother deer. Legends of deer living in the oral language immortalize the psychology, moral and ethic normses, the most characteristic habits of the Azerbaijan people in yourself. We shall be able to see that view of Kirghiz and Azerbaijan Turks about deer is connected the same root.

In the first place, as in Kirghiz, deer myth is relation with water cult in us. Our greats speak about "Acinohur" lake that it was confusion time of the world. People have not tamed cow-bufallo, sheep-goat yet. But Azerbaijan people were not being in need of the milk, yoghurt. Therefore that a flock of deer were living in the forest on the village. Deer help to the people in narrow day, strives for their fine living. There is flatness, sincerity, loyalty , there is not greediness in the homes untill the strange woman comes to the the milk children of the deer. Everyboby take milk like that reaches to his family and does not envy neighbour , he does not stay eye in the table-cloth of the someone. When a strange person enters row of the deer children, all attitudes be disturbed. Mother deer spills holy milk to front of dogs and wolfs. Persons touch with this to soul of mother deer. Make amendment to the evil instead, they create conditions that let others lengthen hand to abundance place, milk-full breast of the deer. Totem - deer is a cause for arising of the beautiful monument of the nature, "Maralgol" (Lake of deer) lake in the myth about it too. It is true, events have been moved to the real ground completely in this myth. It have been used only on behalf of the mother deer. In other words, deer is a daughter of khan in the beginning, but she has turned to the deer changed cover. Motive of the "lost country" in the myth leans against the oldest ideas. The creative drives out people from living places at time when rights and justice has trampled, mankind has losed there (like in the myth of "Noah's storm"). Maral proposes for the carrying out of more usefull and important work instead of father and mother’s offer to find the treasury in the "lost country". She announces that she will marry the man who can return to itself the water of the dried lake in the breast of the Kapaz mountain. The lost country is not being looked for, but water of the lake comes back after spring has been pulled from the mountain.

Secondly, according to old belief of the both people, he will lose own children who offends baby of the deer. Our ancestors have come to the thought of "Tears of the deer inform reaching the end of the world". In general, motive of baby and child is in the front plan in legends of deer. Because child is dearer than all gifts of the world for the Turks. Father thinks that he has find support place to yourself if the worst comes to the worst, perpetualness earns to his hearth when his son is born. But daughter is considered as joy of the life, delight, abundance of the home, brisk light, clean water, pure weather, spark of his hearth which will flame another hearth.