GIRDMAN Design Studio

Scheme of Cooperation

Succession of Work | Methods of Payment

Succession of Work

All begin from one eMail or call. As we interact with the client through the Internet it imposes the specificity on system of relations. Geographical remoteness of the parties and absence of visual contact give the client the complete right to not trust us.
Therefore we offer the following system of interactings. This scheme is rather simple and is divided on two - three stages.
Process the order it is possible having filled on-line Feedback or having written to . After receiving the order we shall contact You for accurate definition of all questions. All negotiations during work can be conducted on eMail or in case of need, by phone.
After receiving all necessary information, during from three days about one week we shall develop some various versions of design. You choose the most liked, and we correct it, according to Your wishes. Quantity of changes beyond all bounds, we shall stop only when the design will satisfy all Your requirements.
After the approval of design You pay our services and we send to You the ready project.
On it our mutual relations end, but we always hope for the further cooperation.

Methods of Payment

We offer our clients the following schemes of payment:
1. The standard advance scheme (50% prepayment)
The standard advance scheme - the most favourable and convenient for the majority of our clients and for us.
2. The scheme without the prepayment (the order price up 20%)
The scheme without the prepayment, is convenient at work with advertising agencies and constant clients, and also possible in the special cases stipulated separately.
All schemes are absolutely identical on terms and quality enforcement of the order, principles of work, etc., differences will consist only in the price and principles of payment.
The form of payment can be anyone, more preferable to You. These questions are stipulated at a stage of the order and never give rise difficulties.
In general if something has interested You or there were any questions - write letters. We shall be glad to answer to You.