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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is necessary website?

Any person who owns or plans to start a business should consider having a website. The main benefit of your own website is that it will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months a year. Your website can turn into a representative that answers questions about your business, offers customer service even when your business is closed at night and on weekends and holidays and sells your products and services. Other hand it will be helpful in correspondence and it's respected to have own domain name in end of eMail address. It will increase the faith to you and esc.

I get a free website from my ISP. Why do I need another one?

A few reasons. The ISP space is not designed for a commercial website and can only handle a small amount of traffic. In addition, this space is typically inside an Internet "mall" and will draw minimal visitors. Finally, the ISP space is template designed, which restricts design and functionality.

I have already a website, but nobody including me likes it. A friend of mine did it for free and I guess it was a wrong decision to save money on web design?

You should assign professionals to do a job that requires experience and knowledge. Of course we are pleased to revamp or even completely redesign your website to make it a winner.

I have no idea about the whole "web thing" - how can I be sure that you are not selling me stuff that I don't need?

Our aim is to have satisfied and recurring clients who recommend us to others. Every client will sooner or later realize that we have supplied a perfect product, custom - designed and shaped to his business concept and requirement, we are only selling products in a volume necessary to guarantee success.

How much does a website cost and are there any hidden costs? Do I need to provide a deposit for the work?

Most of our websites fall between AZN 100 and AZN 2000. Several factors affect a website's cost. First of them is domain name, second is web hosting, then design terms: number of pages, graphic enhancements - just to name a few. There are no hidden costs, everything is itemized in an estimate.

What is a domain name?

A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name locates the website that you are viewing right now. To host your website on the hosting services provider's server, you need to supply a domain name. Every known country in the world has a specific domain suffix, like .az for Azerbaijan, .kz for Kazakhstan, etc. Also, there are top level domains such as .com .org .net, etc. which mark the website as being a website of a specific type (like commercial website for .com, non-profit organisation website for .org, etc.).
GIRDMAN Design Studio does not sell domain names but can help you with the process of domain registration and register the domains for you for a small service fee. A domain name can be registered for AZN 10 per year.

What is "hosting a website"?

Once you have designed your web site, it needs to be stored on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet, so that it can be seen by Internet users. This is known as web hosting and is done by a web hosting company. Prices of the hosting services depend on several aspects, such as how much disk space you have to store files of your website (more pictures and pages require more disk space), availability of additional software for database and e-commerce support (for example if your website contains some kind of automated picture gallery, or if you have shopping cart system, and plan to sell your products or services from your website) and the traffic amount your website will generate (more visitors to your website equals to more traffic = monthly expenses).
Also, the hosting services provider must provide some means for updating your website with new contents, making you able to upload new pages and graphics yourself, without handing the updates to the provider so they upload the files for you. GIRDMAN Design Studio acknowledges that different customers have different needs and requirements for their websites.
GIRDMAN Design Studio does not offer hosting services but can determine what kind of hosting features your website needs and purchase it for you for a small service fee. You can purchase hosting for a small website for AZN 50 per year.

What kind of websites do you offer and how long does it take to build a website?

GIRDMAN Design Studio offers both simple and complex sites, including publicity-based websites, e-commerce websites, portals, chats and more. The time frame is typically 1-8 weeks. This is largely determined by website complexity, website size and our schedule.

Do I have to be in the same city to get service from GIRDMAN Design Studio?

No. We communicate via phone or e-mail. You also can provide the text and graphics via e-mail.

How many languages should I have online with my website?

To be honest - only the ones that you, or very reliable long-term employees are able to handle. If you don't speak Italian - how can you answer an enquiry or order written in Italian language?

How long does it take to finish a website?

This definitely depends on the website and how quick the client supplies the content.

Will my site appear in the big search engines?

GIRDMAN Design Studio is search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, submission and marketing specialist. We will optimize and list Your website with all significant search engines for free.

There's a mistake in one of your websites.

If you are sure or not, please tell us about this.

Can I link to your site?

Yes. You are most welcome link to us without express permission. All links on our site are supposed to be permanent and we do our best to ensure they stay that way. So feel free to link to any page you like.

Can you link to my site please?

Maybe, it is subject of conversation.

Can I quote your information?

You can quote a few individual facts and figures, provided you link back to us. Check our terms or request special permission.

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