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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services:

Web audit | Custom web site design | E-commerce web sites | Web site maintenance | Web site re-designs | Individual programming | Software programming | Content writing | Domain registrations | Web hosting | E-marketing services | Search Engine Optimization, Promotion and Submission | Banner and logo design | Graphic design | Publishing | Web site templates | Office computer and network setup | Photo services | WAP programming

Web audit

GIRDMAN Design Studio is one of not too many companies worldwide and the first company in Azerbaijan that provides web audit services.
Your web site may have met your original visual design or content requirements, but frequently common web design mistakes will prevent the web site from being accessible to the widest audience possible. Your website may contain many of the top web mistakes, and you may not even be aware of them. Let us identify your needs and provide you a link to the world!!!

Custom web site design

Our professional designers can help you to design the best possible web site for your business.

E-commerce web sites

As a full service web development and Internet Marketing company, GIRDMAN Design Studio has the knowledge to bring your company a new vision and a unique combination of e-business consulting, technical, creative and marketing skills to implement cutting edge database driven e-commerce web sites that help you achieve your business goals.

Web site maintenance

Our specialists can help you update your web site on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Web site re-designs

You have a web site that your friend created for you a while ago? You don't like it? Let us know, we will turn your ideas into reality.

Individual programming

Our professional programmers will create web sites that match your specific requirements. No ready made scripts are used.

Software programming

We have a team of software programmers who can create software that meets your company's requirements.

Content writing

You need a web site but you don't know what to write there? You don't know how to best introduce your business? Our qualified specialists can analyze your business and provide information for your site.

Domain registrations

We can register any types of domains for your site.
Prices differ for each zone.

Web hosting

We provide web hosting for our clients on secured servers.

E-marketing services

We offer a wide range of internet marketing & advertising services. Whether you are looking to give your web site a small 'boost' or you want to run a full-fledged marketing campaign, we have the services, priced right, to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimization, Promotion and Submission

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the basic part of the success of your web site. It ensures that your web site is found. If visitors can't find you, they will find your competition. No matter how good your web site may be, if your customers can't find information you have or services you can offer, they can't buy from you. The optimization is a process when the actual web site rebuilt in a way when search motors are able to find it and place it on the best position which is possible.
The optimization is consists of changing the programming and coding of the actual web site but sometimes changes in content or structure.
The promotion is the next step of SEO. When the web site already prepared and the robots can see it and measure it relevancy of the keywords than registration and submission to search engines and link centers is the next step. Most of the time paid submissions are necessary but sometimes there are options for free submissions as well. When everything done than from 3 to 5 weeks later search engine bots are coming and indexing the page, after this results become visible.
You can design and promote your web site yourself to save money, but you need to know what you're doing. One wrong step and your site is banned from a search engines for a long time. If someone is not an expert in SEO and using illegal methods (hidden text, spamming with keywords, doorway pages and etc.) your web site can be harmed and even removed from search engines for half a year or more.
GIRDMAN Design Studio is search engine optimization, marketing, search engine promotion and search engine submission specialist. We provide only quality services and can guaranty long term benefits for your company.

You have a company but no logo? Let us make you corporate identity. For more samples of our work please visit our Portfolio page.

Graphic design

Are you planning on publishing a brochure, magazine or any type of publication? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional designers will work for you to get the best out of your products or publication.


GIRDMAN Design Studio works with many publishing houses.
We can help you publish anything starting from a visit card or borchure up to corporate folders, bags, huge posters, etc...
We can produce outdoor banners and letters for your company or shop.

Web site templates

We can create templates for your site and let you have a corporate style.
We also provide such services as modification of templates of your corporate identiy and setup for your own needs.

Office computer and network setup

Our professional team can setup your computer network with all the required parameters.
We can create a server driven system for your office, setup usernames and passwords and let you have a secured information management system.
We can send specialists who will install needed software or reinstall the operating system of your PC.

Photo services

GIRDMAN Design Studio team has professional photographer who can shoot Professional Photos for your website. Moreover, our Make-up artists can help your photos look more artistic and professional by providing top-notch hair styling and professional make-up.

WAP programming

If you want to have your site accessible from mobile phones, you may always turn to us. We have experience in constructing huge portals for mobile phones.
The WAP versions are written in pure XML and are not accessible from PCs without special emulators.

These is remotely incomplete list of what we can do and, most importantly, love to do. Be sure that we will competently measure your demands and make you an offer that you won’t be able to reject. Trust professionals: we will save your time and money.

GIRDMAN Design Studio

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